Our Farm

Fawaki fresh is passionate about cultivating quality fresh produce. We grow with care on our own farms and other contracted closely monitored farms, many of which have been farming for generations and know how to preserve the wholesome goodness as you’d expect from your own backyard garden.

Our company has offered stable employment to farmers in a sector where their income and employments are otherwise tenuous. When the farmers sell their harvest to our central offices, the fruits, herbs and vegetables are classified according to their size, texture, and ripeness, which must then pass quality controls before being carefully packaged and distributed. The manual selection and classification of the produce is done by the company’s own experts and guarantees the highest levels of quality.


Based on our clients’ requirements our ability to supply required quantities is driven by planning and quality seed crops varieties for each of our Horticultural crops, as well as farm inputs used in the process of planting and post-harvest periods. We are always ready to meet our clients objectives by ensuring that corps harvested are stored in the right standards and processed to required shelf life standards.

Herbs Farm

Avocado Farm

Mangoes Farm

Pineapples Farm